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Few local performers will promise, much less deliver, a night of rock, blues, soul, country, and rhythm & blues, and have all of it keep you on the dance floor from the minute you walk into the club. But when Johnny Artis sings -no matter what he sings - you can't sit still! Not only is he gifted with a precious voice which has yet to encounter a note it can't hit, he also has a knack for reading his audience, and choosing from his limitless repertoire the songs that'll keep everyone dancing and dancing. Keeping the dance-fest going, in fact, appears to be his top priority, and Johnny Artis takes big chances to see that his audience is entertained.

Probably the most notorious song in the band's repertoire is the extended R&B jam. Never does it last less than twenty minutes, but never is it played the same - perfect for the aerobic workout you blew off all week. And Johnny's voice will sustain you; his sound is at once captivating and emotional: smoky blues, combined with home-grown soul and artistic interpretation rivaled only by the recognized masters he covers. In fact, recently, at the Bayou he brought down the house by so beautifully rendering his Happy Birthday dedication of "Try a Little Tenderness" to the club's manager, Lois.

Point Blank: A Johnny Artis Band performance is a rare combination of energetic stage show and rockin' and balladic soul and blues dance standards. The message is clear. If you've come to dance and have a good time with a fun band, then get to it; and if you've come to listen, forget that because you'll be dancing on top of the tables before the night's over.

In my opinion, national recognition for him can't happen soon enough. He has a voice and presence that we shouldn't keep to ourselves.

From: SCAN
Stop Child Abuse Now
2210 Mount Vernon Avenue
Alexandria, Virginia

March 21, 1997

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter as a high recommendation for the Johnny Artis Band. Johnny and his band have played for me personally as well as played for the charity that I am involved with, SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now). In both cases the band was excellent, the events went well, and most importantly, everyone attending had a really wonderful time.

Over the years, through several events, I have had the pleasure if getting to know Johnny Artis and consider him a friend. He is a person of integrity with a passion for his work that shows every time he performs. The members of the band appear to share his integrity and passion.

I highly recommend the Johnny Artis Band for any event where you want great music and you want people to have fun. I am quite sure that we will find many more opportunities to use the band for functions that we hold. They are fantastic!

Susan Hebbel

Armed Forces Professional Entertainment Office
U.S. Army Community & Family Support Center
2461 Eisenhower Avenue
Alexandria, Virginia

August 28, 1998

Armed Forces Professional Entertainment Evaluation rated Johnny Artis Band: Outstanding

Very good group. Quality music and vocals with exceptional stage presence. Group is capable of playing a wide range of music from soft jazz to hard rock. All group members were actively involved with the audience during the breaks and responded quite well to audience requests.

On the 4th of July, we featured a special German/American celebration, partially as our regular 4th of July celebration and partially as part of the local Cultural Week's festivities. The group put on a special 4 hour show which played to a standing room only crowd all evening. The hotel was packed with people in our main bar, and our disco, as well as in the Skyline Room where the group was playing. It was the largest crowd we've ever had in the hotel during any DOD Show. Both American and German members of the audience were exceptionally enthusiastic about the show.

George R. Zandier

Beachcomber In Town, article by Rob Rector

The Johnny Artis Band, it seems, is a group of high-energy-junkies. They get their rush from the reaction of the crowds that are before them every night they play.

We're a high-energy rhythm and blues band," said keyboardist Jeff Bean. "Every night we strive to get the audience involved with the show...It's like an addiction."

The continual exchange of energy from band to audience, audience to band, like some kind of kinetic gift-giving, has to be initiated by the musicians. And this can only come about with a true passion for what they do.

"Music is a need for me more than a want," said Bean, describing his own personal hierarchy of needs, which would throw Maslow's research out the window.

I've been an extrovert ever since I heard the Hammond organ," he said. "It just stood up and spoke to me." Yes, that does sound a bit corny and cliche, and Bean admits that, but his fascination with the instrument has lead to a life revolved around it today.

As a band, we feel fortunate to be playing and having as much fun as we do," Bean added. the band's "no stone unturned" line-up consists of songs from the Stones, Led Zeppelin and ZZ Top to Smokey Robinson, Nat King Cole and Robert Cray. Bean said the band's working cover list include over 100 songs.

With several CDs under their belt, a new CD on the way "Live Versatility," as well as a single that gained airplay on WHFS, "Funk Stovall", Bean said the group members hope to continue writing and sharpening their style for future release.

Friends of the National Zoo
National Zoological Park
Washington, DC

May 26, 1998

Dear Johnny,

On behalf of Friends of the National Zoo, I want to thank you for making "Giants" the biggest and best ZooFari ever. As usual your enthusiasm on stage charged the crowd for quite an exciting evening. You have become an integral part of our ZooFari; for six years now you've been thrilling our guests with your show, and I can't imagine a ZooFari without your entertainment. Thank you for all you have done to make ZooFari a smashing success.

This year's event raised more than $200,000 for the Theodore H. Reed Animal Fund. Proceeds from Giants will help the National Zoo to continue to exhibit, breed, and educate about giants of the animal kingdom and other rare and endangered species. As you know, this is becoming a more difficult task each day. At the same time that more and more of these beautiful animals are losing their natural habitat, the cost of caring for them in zoos escalates. Thanks to your contribution to ZooFari, combined with those of others, the scientist here at the National Zoo will have the funds they need to help create a future for these endangered creatures.

Again, thank you for all you have done to benefit the National Zoo. Not only did you contribute to providing a wonderful experience for our guests, but in doing so you have helped to continue the existence of endangered species her on earth.

Clinton A. Fields
Executive Director

Punch Enterprises, Inc.
5661 Columbia Pike
Falls Church, Virginia

April 5, 1997

Dear Johnny,

On behalf of St. Jude's Research Hospital, I want to thank you for helping make our Spring Fling 1997 a success. Your performance was certainly one of the highlights of the evening.

As you know, 100% of the proceeds from the Spring Fling will benefit St. Jude's Research Hospital. Your support of this event is one of the reasons we were so successful.

I look forward to working with you in the near future.

Best personal regards,
David Black
Spring Fling 1997

From The Washington CityPaper of 15-21 January 1999


18th - M O N D A Y

By Daniel Searing

Can't decide whether to hire a band or a DJ to entertain at your next function? Maybe you should consider inquiring whether the Johnny Artis Band is available. Its human-jukebox frontman delivers his wide-ranging selection of originals and blues-to-rock-and-back covers in styles eerily reminiscent of their originators - gruff for Louis, sweet for Aaron. He claims to "do it as good or better" or he doesn't do it. The Rich Little of R&B and his fiery five-piece band celebrate the release of their new CD, Live Versatility, tonight. It was recorded earlier this year at this very venue, so expect the atmosphere to be preheated at 8 & 10 p.m. at Blues Alley, 1073 Rear Wisconsin Ave. NW.

For information on booking the Johnny Artis Band, contact Johnny Artis at  703-801-9483 

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